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Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom bring science to life! Enthusiastic scientists and engineers offer curriculum-related, hands-on, minds-on presentations in your classroom - for FREE! Choose a topic and send your request early...

Are your students wondering, "what's the best way to write my assignment"? Read on...

Teacher Workshops deliver high quality PD to help you teach science with confidence and enthusiasm. Workshops are co-presented by scientist-teacher teams for accurate science and tested, classroom activities.

Details for the 2013-2014 school year will be posted here in August.



Our programs are excellent because our volunteers are outstanding! Is the Discovery Channel your favorite? Do you hate to miss an episode of NOVA or the Nature of Things?

Share your enthusiasm for science with students and their teachers! We have meaningful opportunities for commited scientists, engineers and experts in the field; find out how to apply...

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Calgary Science Network's programs are made possible by generous donations from corporations, foundations, government grants and individuals.

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Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom

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